Our Services & Capabilities

The services and capabilities of Dextrasys cover the entire spectrum of outsourced services. Our services are tailored for both business and professional customers.

Our service capabilities can be classified into three main categories:

1. Knowledge Services / Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services (KPO)

The objective of our Knowledge Services is to create value for the clients like you by providing domain expertise rather than process expertise. It is knowledge driven as against process driven.

With our knowledge services, we are confident our clients can tremendously improve their top line growth by outsourcing some of their core activities to Dextrasys as we can provide services that require high skills and a very completive cost.

Our service capabilities in KPO cover following areas:

  • Intellectual property services including patent and trademark research
  • Legal Services and Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Lease related services for the real estate industry and property management companies
  • Engineering services including technical design and drawings, CAD modeling and Technical Documentation
  • Publication Research and Services
  • Financial Analytics
  • Market Research
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Information Services including Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics, Pharma co-vigilance, Regulatory document writing
  • Supply Chain and Procurement / Vendor Management Process Outsourcing
To illustrate, under intellectual property services we provide high quality, fast turn around Patent Searches in Science, Engineering, Technology domains. We provide Patentability, Invalidity, FTO and State of the Art searches. We bring in deep domain expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, chemistry, life sciences, pharmaceutical and manufacturing & business management. In addition to patent searches, we provide Trademark searches, Patent drawings and Legal Documentation services.

To know more about how we can support you, please contact us.

2. Business Services / Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO)

When you want to excel in what you are doing you need to stay close to your customers and you need to stay ahead of competition. This means you spend your calories in right processes and activities and focus on your core competencies and building new ones. To achieve this you need to outsource your resource-consuming transaction based activities to a business partner like us.

Business process outsourcing is not an option any more. It has become a necessity. And the line between 'outsourceable' and 'non - outsourceable' processes are fast changing.

At Dextrasys, we proactively look at your business and suggest what can be outsourced. Our experience in Business, IT and BPO gives us added advantage to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Our proprietary model BOOT - Business Outsourcing for Organizational Transformation helps you to transform the way currently business is done. Dextrasys offers functional solutions across industries, and vertical solutions that are industry specific.

Please contact us to know more about our BPO methodology and how we can support in a smooth transition of current processes.

3. Technology Services / Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Dextrasys brings best of both worlds - business ideas as well as technology skills, to the table. Dextrasys consultants help organizations to connect the business dots using technology. We understand business processes in-depth and use technology to improve the performance metrics and address pain areas.

We provide following information technology outsourcing services.

Application Development - At Dextrasys, for us, application development means focusing on your business process needs and use of technology to bring in process improvements and transformation.

We have skills that span from Java, .Net to SAP/ABAP for application development couple with our robust methodology for application development. We provide outsourced software product development services. With highly skilled teams, we create world-class products keeping in mind time, quality and cost considerations.

Maintenance and Support - At Dextrasys, for us, application development means focusing on your business process needs.

Dextrasys provides extensive maintenance and support services for your applications from in-house developed applications to SAP and Oracle.

We provide 24X7 Support at various levels consisting of Supporting super users (level 0), Help desk Support (level 1), Customer Interface and support (level 2), Configuration and Development Support (Level 3) and Consulting and Expertise Support (Level4).

We have a proven methodology, framework for SLA management and experience that helps in productivity improvements and quality.

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